Limpkin Dribble

Shot at the Circle B Bar preserve near Lakeland FL. Luckily my camera was still set to BIF so I was able to capture a burst of images and capture the dribble of water, right after a dunk for snails. I darkened the background some to help the bird stand out, and removed a distracting branch.

Wondering if I went overboard darkening the background?

Olympus EM1MKII, Leica 100-400 @ ~300mm, 1/100 sec, f7.1, ISO 1250 hand held.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I don’t think you went overboard on the bg. I really like this shot. All the details in the environment are interesting. The only thing that distracted slightly is the lone green plant on the lower right but not a lot. If you aren’t inclined to remove it, perhaps darken it a bit. Beautiful light on the bird. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these before. This would also work with a 2x3 aspect ratio, taking some off of the top.

Excellent results, Steve. Is the shutter speed a typo? 1/100 doesn’t sound like birds in flight. The background looks fine to me though I agree with Terri that the plant is a bit of an eye magnet. While a crop might strengthen the emphasis on the subject, I’d hate to lose what’s going on in the cypress trunk, so I’d vote for the current composition.

Good pick up Dennis and you’re right, after checking the camera’s settings, it was not set for BIF. Since I had a quick sequence I just assumed that was the setting. I too like the crop as is although removing the green plant is something I struggled with. Probably a good idea though.

I took heed of both suggestions by adding a bit of canvas on the right, cropping a tad off the bottom and removing the green plant in the bottom right corner. Thanks for the tips. Definitely looks better.

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Excellent job on the reworked image, Steve.

Hi Steve,

Your reworked images works for me. This one has some very nice colors and the lighting is very warm. Comp is good and Well done!..Jim

The reworked image looks great. The water dribbling out make this unique. Nice colorful location and the lighting is fantastic.