Liriodendron tulipifera L. (tuliptree)

Not all the “blooms” of spring are flowers. The opening of tree buds, releasing the latent leaves, is another welcome part of the season.

Technical Details

Composite: No

Nikon D-810, Zeiss Makro-Planar T* 100mm f/2 ZE, f22 - ISO 250

This might be the most like a botanical print of old. Except for the dead white background it pretty well could be. Tulip trees look so interesting. They don’t come this far north. The structure and graphic balance on this one is terrific. Nature doesn’t often provide in this way, so kudos for getting it.

Thank you, Kristen;

The background continues to be an element of my work that is a point of deliberation. It’s a artifact of the process and would be difficult to change. I haven’t found a way to provide a way produce a vintage look in post-processing.

Yup, nature is messy, but sorting that out is great fun.

Thanks for the kind words. If you have any ideas on making the paper look antique, let me know.

I think it works well and differentiates your work in the sense that you’re not trying to duplicate those old prints exactly, more that you’re working to an homage.

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Ok, that narrows the swirl.

I’ve considered using PS to paint, replace, or whatever the process, but it shifts the tone of plant parts, and I don’t like PS to mess with the original. I do print on canvas at times, and like the results, but canvas doesn’t come in 19X22 sheets.

Again, thanks for your thoughts.

I should have taken my thought further - the bright, nearly perfect white is a modern invention if you will. In paper, I don’t think pure white was possible until modern manufacture and bleaching techniques had been invented. Since photography and particularly digital photography is also a relatively late medium in the human time scale, I think it’s a distinct attribute that is a terrific reflection of that medium and our time. As compared to the 17, 18 and 19th century prints on ivory and cream shades of paper. That quality belonged to those times and that medium.

Ok. I’ll shut up now.

No need to shut up. Good thoughts add more to the kaleidoscope of ponderings.

I’ll take your comments with me to the wildly wildflowers hillsides that are waiting. This is the peak of the season in Western PA. You’ll just have to wait a tad longer up there in the north.

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