Little chance of survival

This cormorant was on the beach near Klipsan, WA . Whenever I see a lone cormorant on the beach it is sad because I have seen only one able to get back to the ocean and fly away. They are usually sick or injured and die from that cause or an eagle or falcon gets them. In this case I returned about 30 minutes later and from the appearance a falcon got it. The remains were still there. If an eagle, it would have been carried away.

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A powerful image given the look in its eyes and the white background. Reminds me of some of Joel Sartore’s bird images.

Interesting background story, Jim, and an awesome image. The lighting on the Cormorant is superb. I do wish the beach texture showed up more as the background is so featureless that it doesn’t provide much context without the text added.

A sad image but a good one. Too often we only try to document the bright side of nature and not the grim side.

A very dark image with an interesting story behind it, Jim. The eyes and eye-contact are powerful and riveting, and conveys the plight of this cormorant very well. I really like the high key minimalist presentation, but think this would work even better with the cormorant a little to the right of the frame.