Little Sadist

This Black-bellied Plover image came at a cost: some odd 100 sand flea bites :dizzy_face: . While shooting from my flat-on-the-ground position I suddenly crouched into an army of the little creatures. For the full story as well as shot from my arm with many red, itchy dots, please check my blog:
Thanks for any feedback and have a wonderful day !

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Nikon D500 with 500mm | 1/2500s | f5 | ISO400 | handheld while lying in the ground

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OUCH! That must have been painful, Hans. This is such a gorgeous image taken from a very very nice vantage point. I do like the raised foot which makes it very dynamic to the image. I kinda wish it’s not in the shadow. DO you have a little more room on top? I think it’s somewhat tight there.

Agree with Mr Lie. Love the perspective and soft surroundings. Beautifully done!

Hello, Adhika - thanks and YES, I do have some room on the top - you may be right. Thanks for suggesting !! This is the full frame image, and I cannot remember why I cropped it at all (I processed the image early December and just picked it from LR for my initial upload) …

Sorry to hear this beautiful image cost you some discomfort, Hans. I do like the full frame shot best, as it gives some room at the top. He stands out nicely against the soft background.

I love this full frame shot, Hans. super nice. The light is just perfect.

Just curious, what kind of salve that you use for the bites?

Thanks ! I did use some cortison creme (if I remember correctly) and something called Gold Bond, which is a Lidocaine-based lotion to get rid of the itching. And I tried some apple cider vinegar as well… Nothing really helped I must admit …

Outstanding image and whole series on your site. The bites are just temporary, your work will survive. Try an oral antihistamine for the itch.

Hi Hans, a fine capture and I do like the full frame image best. Critical focus is where it should be on the bird’s head even though I do wish for a little more depth of field on the lower part of the bird. Nice low perspective - worth the bug bites!

Another great image from you, Hans. I like the low angle, the light and habitat you have included in the image. I also like that the plover is facing you almost head-on, which provides good eye-contact as well as shows off the plumage.

I too prefer the second version. Too bad about the flea-bites, but you have a great image to show for it.