Little Wilson Falls

Shot 5 years ago with a Sony a7ii and 15mm Voigtlander lens.

ISO 100 for 2s, probably f16.

My first post, but let it all out.


What technical feedback would you like if any?

White balance? Composition? General PP.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

I used a gradient filter in PP to darken the upper background.

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It took me a while to read the composition but now like it a lot, and thanks for this revisit to my roots. The bottom right corner looks man made and so somewhat taints my enjoyment, preferring the exclusivity of nature in nature images. No tech issues, like the low angle. Hope to see more. TY

Looks like a lovely swimming/wading hole, Chris. Your processing, colors and comp. look good. Given how bright the sunny area through the trees is, I’d say your grad filter use was important.

Thanks guys for the comments.


Chris, the processing and colors here look good to me. I like the warm WB that you used, it has a nice autumn feel to it. I like all the detail in the foreground rocks, especially with the fallen leaves. i’m a little bothered by the dark patch in the extreme LRC, I would suggest a crop to eliminate a good portion of it.

While I like your foreground, and the autumn foliage in the upper fourth of the image, the center of the image feels pretty vacant, without much of interest to look at. To me the underwater rocks are not strong enough to hold my interest. It might have been interesting to move left and upstream a bit, where you could have placed more rocks in the center of the river. Just my $0.02.


First of all, welcome to NPN! And what a terrific first post. (Can’t recall if I already did the welcome - that’s what happens when getting older… )

I think this is a beautiful autumn scenic. The composition is solid and well balanced in my view. I particularly like the “v” formed at the bottom by the long piece of slate? and those flat stones. The large round boulder starts and/or finishes the solid foundation for the stream and autumn foliage.

Normally, one might be bothered by bright areas like the open patch of sky and I usually agree with that. However, it represents the source of the light and the reflection in the stream and there’s the hint of yellow/orange of the sun.

I had to search really to find something to suggest and so this is pretty minor and picky at best. I think really if you were to print this… but I would either clone or crop from the right to remove the little bits of grass on the LR edge. Like I said, pretty minor.