Live chat gone wild?

Looks like the site has updated the live chat window and it keeps prompting me to get on when there isn’t really a message for me specifically. It’s a welcome message that looks canned and shouldn’t be popping up over and over once looked at and dismissed.

I’ve not seen any changes. Here’s my guess. If you click the “hamburger” menu item near the top right corner, you have an option for a theme selector. If you were using one of the “clean” options, the live chat goes away. I’m guessing your theme selection is back on something other than one of the clean options? Can you see if that is it?

That did it, but weird that it just started up like that. The icon for it changed as well.

Hi Kristen, I did switch support chat providers and had to turn that setting off, so anyone else that is annoyed by this should just need to refresh the page to get it to go away. But thank you Keith for pointing out the clean theme, this is the best option for frequent users of the site!