Living on the Edge

This was taken last August but seeing one today reminded me I need to get caught up on my photos. These little insects do like to pose and this was in a pretty good spot.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 6D ii Canon 180 macro at f/16 1/500 iso 1600 using a diffused flash. HH.

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If you hadn’t said you used a flash, I wouldn’t have guessed. Beautiful work with that. And such a cool little bug. I like this class of them…leaf walkers or something like that? Good detail and pose and those colors. All the ones I’ve seen in Wisconsin are the brown ones with the more pronounced leaf shape on the last pair of legs. Good catch.

Dean, this is really a nice look at this little guy. You caught him at the end of the line, where he needs to decide his next move. He really is “living on the edge”. The details and colors are very nice, and the smooth background behind the bug makes him stand out nicely. Great timing.

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Dean, this is an excellent look at this Milkweed bug. It’s colors stand out well in contrast to the leaves behind and against the darker background.

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