Log in Avatar not showing

Log in Avatar not showing

About a week ago I found that when I signed in my avatar did not indicate I was signed in. As a solution I closed the website page and re-opened it and my avatar then showed my as signed in? I have tried to figure out what I may have done but the same thing happens from multiple computers. I have been following the same procedure to sign in but there must be a simple solution? Any suggestions? Also when I sign in the home page is in multiple languages but not English…not a problem just an observation.

Are you using Safari by chance? I have noticed this as well and need to dig into it.

Yes, and just now using my android phone it does not have the same issue. I never use my phone for NPN though.

I changed a setting that might help the problem, please let me know if this helps!

It did help. I logged in on my Mac and my avatar appeared. Thanks!

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