Login Not Working Properly

I have a link on my browser toolbar (latest version of Firefox) to log in (https://npn.memberful.com/auth/sign_in). When I do the log in lately, it doesn’t appear to actually log me in, instead taking me to the generic welcome page for non-members. If I then click Community>Latest, it takes me to the latest images, but still doesn’t show me as logged in. If I then click LogIn, it refreshes the screen and I’m fine. This started a few days ago. Obviously, I can log in eventually, so it’s not fatal, just mildly annoying (so no hurry on addressing it). Thanks!

Hmm nothing has changed our end so you may need to clear the cache on your browser. Do you log out each time? If it’s your personal computer you do not need to do this and I would just bookmark the homepage or wherever you go to the most instead.

So, I cleared the cache and it didn’t change anything (but I needed to do that anyway - thanks). I changed the link to be the “Latest” page, closed the browser without logging out, and then started browser again. Wasn’t logged in, but when I clicked the Log In button it did log me in, without my having to do anything else. It’s a mystery. Maybe it will go back to the way it was eventually. :woman_shrugging: No worries, I’ll work around it.

The first time you login after clearing the cache it may require you to click the login button again, but after that it should work without needing to do that.

I use Firefox too and experience weird login things like this too. I should first note I have a huge pile of privacy addons and settings and therefore regularly (choose to) deal with weird cookie/cache issues so take my advice with a big grain of salt.

If I just open one NPN tab and log in, sometimes it takes me to the un-logged in screen and sometimes if I click around I suddenly become logged in and sometimes not. I noticed the login button takes you to a separate domain (memberful.com), so I figured my browser/addons were automatically discarding any cookies/cache/local data for naturephotographers.network while I was on memberful.com. Therefore, whenever I log in now I just open two NPN tabs, log in on one, and then afterwards close the other. That always works for me. I figure keeping one open while logging in on another prevents my browser/addons from getting rid of locally stored site info.

There is a possibility I found the culprit, please let me know if this continues to happen!