Long Road Home

Firemist overhead of cars driving into a sunset along a winding mountain road. For any car folks, the close car is a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R.

Technical Details

Composite: No
140mm; 1/100th @ f/16 ISO800 & -3EV


I really like your composition - lots to view and search for - well done!

Love that blip of the road. Just adds an unusual element, yet again. Your photos are VERY creative.

Great image…love the balance above/below. Would love a little more room at the top as the brightest part of the image is on the upper border…which really is unavaoidable given your conditions, but carries my eye out of the frame a bit. Still a powerful image and excellent capture.

@Jim_McGovern Agree. I have some other frames with more space on the top. However, the brightness continues into the ridges and texture is lost in the firemist.

You got a great viewpoint for a really interesting shot. I love the silhouetted trees.

Stunning! Just the top half alone would be great, but adding in the bit of curving road at the bottom really moves the photo up several notches. I think the division of the image within the frame moving from the brightest at top to the darkest at bottom is good. I like the silhouetted trees in the UR corner. Such a wonderful photo.