Long, Slow Demise

Row of derelict buildings showing various stages of disrepair in Clark Valley, Utah.

Technical Details

Composite: No
EF 70-200mm @ 98mm; f/18 @ 1/30 sec, ISO 100


Looks like a rustic bed and breakfast ready to go.

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Thank you Harley. The land surrounding this group of buildings has a lot of farms around it, but not near to it. Based on the types and sizes of the buildings my guess is, from left to right, home, barn/implement garage, outbuilding.

Bob, I like the black/white aspect. These old homes invoke wonder in me as a great deal of family history must have passed through those doors. Nice photo but a bit more room on left might lead to more balanced shot.

Thank you, John. There is nothing but empty space to the left. Is your perception of imbalance due to the left-most structure being slightly darker than the right-most structure, especially its roof? The perceived mass is a bit greater. When viewing the original, color version, the difference in mass is imperceptible.