Looking Back

It was back at the PC that i wondered if the DF is looking to the right …or the left may be. Am still guessing.
Its not the DF season yet, but summer rains has brought out some early citters. I did make an image of the complete DF.
I thought I will post this one, kind of a portrait, with the gorgeous colors on its shoulders. Am still to identify the sub-family, and its a Clubtail I guess.
A touch of sunlight here would have been great, but then the rains have started.

6DII, 180 Tamron, ISO800, F11 1/30
Balan Vinod

Balan: Nice specimen with fine detail on the head. If you’re going for a portrait I think I would crop this a lot tighter. The OOF wings don’t add much and where the tail is cut off doesn’t look completely intentional. Hope this is a herald of good things to come for you. >=))>

Very cool, Balan. Glad to see you posting these so early. I think Bill is on the right track with his crop suggestion. It would be neat to accentuate the details with a tighter crop as well.

Balan, the details in the head, abdomen and thorax, especially the blue colors, look very good. It does look like it’s looking to the viewer’s right, with it’s head tilted that direction.

Hi Balan,
I really like the details you captured here especially in the head and just behind it. Cropping just behind the wings may work for this but I wouldn’t cut into them. To me it’s interesting to see their translucent nature. Well done.

Beautiful shot, Balan. I love the nice soft background, making him and his perch stand out nicely. I agree with the crop suggestions. We already have quite a few DF’s here in NC. I need to get out and shoot some images of them, but I am being careful since I strained a muscle in my right shoulder blade area of my back a few weeks ago while care giving for a longtime friend (like family) up in MD.