Looking for some feedback on this image and how I can improve! Thank you!


Welcome to NPN! What a grand and dreamy first post!

Before I get too far in to a critique, with your permission I would like to move this to the Landscape Critique Gallery. No worries, I know it’s your first post, but you inadvertently posted in the Landscape “Discussion” forum. Happy to talk about your image here (and it’s a beauty!) but would be best to jump in with the rest of the critiques.

Let me know and I’ll go ahead and move it. I think you could move as well by simply clicking the little pencil edit icon and change the category.

Let me know! Thanks, and welcome!


I’m sorry Mike, but critiques are only allowed in the critique category which you must be a member to participate in. You can sign up for a free 30 day trial by visiting the link below.

30 Day NPN Trial

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Hey Guys, apologies, and yes feel free to move it! I will be signing up for a membership once I am back home!

Thanks so much, I am really looking to get some constructive criticism as to how I can improve!

Thanks for your help!