Looking for the wild Bunch

I know Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch hid out in these canyons, but I don’t know how they found there way in and out. It’s just one dead end after another an I suspect it is why they were never caught there. They knew something the posse’s didn’t.

Specific Feedback Requested

Your choice but the hard part of shooting in the badlands is that depending on the direction or time of day, most everything never looks the same.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
D810, 24-120 @ 46mm, f9, 1/500, ISO 500 +1 EV

Mostly in ACR and Photoshop with TK masks

I would add a color cast to it. Since the entire subject is basically warm then that’s how I would present it. I would also reduce the contrast. I don’t know if you’ll like these suggestions but that’s the direction I would go.

A beautiful place and a beautiful photo specially in the Igor interpretation. The low contrast creats a pictorial image with pastel colors and shows a lot of details . I love it.

I had to sit on this image for a few days to digest Igor’s suggestion, and while it has merit in how the Badlands are often presented, the truth is that the Badlands is a stark, arid and mostly colorless outcropping in South Dakota that only has the warm colors Igor suggests via LR or Photoshop. I wanted to present a more realistic interpretation even though I had presented a far more colorful one days earlier.
When I made this shot, I was really thinking how anyone survived there unless they had inside information as to where the safe watering holes were. I will keep the image as is, presenting it as the hostile environment it really is.

I understand Chris Idea but would seem that black-white might also work fine too If you would like do a “hostile” impression

B&W to me seemed like a cop out. It looks fine as a B&W, but it didn’t tell the story I wanted to share.

Do you want suggestions for this image?

I am always open to suggestions but it doesn’t always translate that I agree with the suggestions. I just felt like you warmed the image past what I saw when I was there. For the most part, the Badlands are nothing more than thin sandstone and to a large degree lack hard color, though to contradict myself, depending on the time of day, you can get some striking colors there.

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The reason I asked is because you never stated that you wanted suggestions. I only realized that after I commented on your image.

Neither of us should lose sleep over this. I should have been more specific, or perhaps just posted it in the showcase section. I promise to be more careful now.