Lost soul

For years I went in search of an image, which could immortalize the meaning of inner darkness, which suffocates the soul. That darkness has a name, it’s called depression. Many of us have fought it. I hope I managed to interpret it …


An interesting interpretation of depression. It works for me.

Yes, this speaks of darkness. Maybe a little bit of hope, too, with the light branches reaching out?

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Many thanks :slight_smile: happy your like

It’s really, the light in the branches, and their shape, give hope. Thank you

Lovely image! I also appreciate your thoughts behind it, as I have had the same. I have come to the personal conclusion that I cannot capture any photograph of nature that could represent that emotion though, unless maybe it were nature destroyed by man, aka a mine, a logged forest, etc. I think nature is just too uplifting for me no matter what state it is in. It is always what takes me OUT of depression so I couldn’t use it to represent it. That’s just me though. I do love the dark and eerie feeling to this but it just gives me more of a feeling of mystery.

Thank you so much for your beautiful comment, it’s always nice to feel the way to interpret and experience nature, through the use of photography. Since I started taking forest photography about 5-6 years ago, I discovered a connection between nature and the depths of my soul. In recent years I have studied psychology books, but at the same time also books on forests and trees, to try to bring out a small part of the unconscious, through photography and the nature of the places I frequent. For me, photography has become what automatic writing is for a medium. I apologize for the bad English and for the slightly twisted speech. :slight_smile: