Low On Petrol

Low On Petrol

(Paul Breitkreuz) #1

I’d posted a couple of different old abandoned mining trucks on NPN #1. I just recently located this particular truck at the Wall Street mining stamp mill at JTNP. After finding this unit I also realized that the miners used many of the dry washes in the park as part of their road system.
This was another sunrise photo during the fall season.

Mamiya RB67 ProSD - Mamiya “C” 65mm lens - 2 stop soft grad - Velvia 50

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(Harley Goldman) #2

Great old vehicle and nice image of it, too. The desert must have been tough on those old things, lots of flats and breakdowns. Not exactly like today’s 4x4s.

(Preston Birdwell) #3

My first thought was the car saying, “My feet hurt.” Did you get any detail shots of the old car? Looks like some great abstracts to be had. Nice image, Paul.

(Paul Breitkreuz) #4

@ Harley & Preston, thank you for the reviews and comments here. Preston, sadly I did not get any close up takes on this outing, but your idea is excellent. I will surely keep that in mind for any future outings to this area of JTNP.

(Lon Overacker) #5

Excellent Paul. We often comment how trees could tell some stories… I bet this old truck has plenty of stories to tell from it’s old floor boards… :smiley: