M8, the Blue Lagoon

7 hours imaging the last 2 nights in Portland , Oregon, Bortle 8
asi533 astro camera with Williams 81 telescope
Asiair, Quad Filter.

The M8 Lagoon Nebula in the core of the Milky Way.

Any suggestions appreciated, I know its hard to know what you are looking at, but its just an
enormous star forming gas cloud. Oxygen and Hydrogen.
104 images stacked in Astropixel, PP in Capture, Pixinsight, Affinity.


Ooooh, I like the turquoise color in the middle. I might saturate that color even more. The ‘cross’ stars don’t work for me as well as in the previous picture. Perhaps it’s the size of their extensions.


These continue to amaze me and so glad we get a glimpse in to the cosmos with your images! I’m with Igor on both counts. Love the color and especially the warm with the cool, bluer center. “Lagoon” is the perfect reference - a good reason for the naming.

I’m also torn on the cross stars. I like them in general, but I think stategically placed, the cluster near the lagoon actually detracts from the main feature somewhat. I think more sporadically placed through the frame with differing sizes works better. But then it’s quite subjective…

I think this might be one of my favorites overall.


I’m no specialist. Just enjoying the awesome view… :smiling_face:

Thanks all, I will probably take off the star spikes… appreciate the input.

Dan this is one of my favorites of yours too. Awesome shot and processing.

Very interesting object with nice rendering of the tonal structure. The longer acquisition times are paying off. I think the star spikes could be minimized.