Mackerel Abstract

Mackerel abstract based on an image from the Monterrey Bay Aquarium’s mackerel exhibit where you’re inside a tube through the aquarium with fish swimming in one direction all around you.
“Symmetry” software used, & others

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

This is outstanding Sandy! Very creative in the first place, but compelling in results. Reflecting my tastes in art, I could see this printed very large on a wall.

Hi Sandy,
This is fabulous. I really enjoy the abstract work you have been doing. Really great idea wonderfully executed.


Very cool abstract especially given its origins! Quite intriguing. Well done.

Sweet, Sandy. I remember that exhibit and I never would have anticipated something like this coming from it. Very creative.

Definitely a piece of art, Sandy. Beautifully done. But, shouldn’t this be in Human and Fauna, as it was taken at an aquarium and the animal was not wild? :grin:

yes, I think so…
don’t know how to change it on the new NPN, so I’ll ask Dennis to.
Thx -

Moved to Human and Fauna. I should have caught it.