Macro with many focus-stacked images

As I recall, this was a stack of around 80 images using Helicon Focus and controls and shot automatically with my laptop attached to my camera.

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques to help others.


Hi Greg,
Yes, this is a good example of your use of HF. All parts of the flower are focused while the background is blurred. Well done.

Amazing patience for a beautiful image

Beautiful colors in this flower, Greg. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks, Matt. I’m using it most frequently for flowers - especially very small ones with my 105 macro.


Thanks, Anita. Yes, patience is required for focus stacking of anything that is subject to wind - especially small flowers even in a slight breeze.

Thank you, Shirley. This one caught my eye for both the blue (with lean toward purple) & white pattern and especially because it was unusual in form.

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