Male Red Winged Blackbird

An area near my home floods every spring from mountain runoff. I have passed this spot hundreds of times but this year I decided to stop and take a good look. So glad I did. I took hundreds of images of these birds, both male and female and was amazed at the difference between sexes. Wow.

Technical Details

Composite: No
Fuji XT3, 100-400mm, f 5.6 @ 1/500

Hi Meg, welcome back. Great action shot of the blackbird. Thanks for sharing and I hope to see more of your posts here.


Nice capture, Megg The red/yellow shoulder patches are well displayed. That species of blackbirds exhibits tremendous sexual dimorphism—the males and females look very different, as you mentioned. The cattails (typha) in the foreground are their favored nesting environment.

Thanks. I appreciate the compliment. It was such fun to watch them…I am anxious for their return next year.