Mallard Tranquility

A pair of Mallard ducks in a small tidal pond at Valdez, Alaska. They were at the back of the pond and the low morning sunlight gave the water a very glassy appearance.

Sony a6500, SEL100400GM @ 400mm, ISO-400, f/5.6, 1/3200, hand held.

I love the scene here, Gary. I like the way the ducks are both looking the same way at something unknown off there. I also like the reflections in the water and the overall lighting. I do think it would work even better if the ducks were a touch further toward the right side of the frame.

This is the kind of image that appeals to me for hanging on the wall. The portraits most of us take with the nice creamy backgrounds are eye grabbers, but there’s little in them to hold one’s attention for very long.

Very pleasant scene, Gary. I like the combination of greens and black in wonderful light. The reflections definitely make this image for me - very art-like.