Manzanita Ribbon

Manzanita Ribbon

The ultra-thin outer layer of manzanita bark peels during the spring revealing the smooth, cool silky-red new bark below. The rich, reddish coloration comes from tannins and other compounds manufactured by, and deposited in, the cells of the outer bark. The curled bark is reminiscent of curled wrapping ribbon. Light reflecting from the inner and outer surfaces of the peeling bark produces myriad hues, fit for any occasion.

EF 100mm macro; f/22 @ 0.4 sec, ISO 100; Auto exposure; Centerweighted-average metering; Auto WB

Very appealing,Bob. Nice and sharp with good detail and great color.

Thank you, Stephen. The colors revealed in the peeling bark are amazing, more than I anticipated when flattened onto the surface of the tree.