Maroon Bells - 9/13

Maroon Bells - 9/13

(Monte Trumbull) #1

Ran up to the Bells yesterday morning. Still a ways to go. Not much water in the lake! The aspens on the drive up are just starting to change.

New this year are the addition of ropes along the bank. @Jim_Talaric talked to the forest service last week and they said they will be enforcing staying behind the ropes and off the bank.

(Angela Classen) #2

Wow, that’s going to make composing shots a lot more difficult. Guess that’s one more reason to avoid the zoo!

(Monte Trumbull) #3

So true!

(Ken Henke) #4

Glad I have a few shots I’m happy with at Maroon. I can’t imagine being able to get the “reflection” back that far! Whoa, going to be some mighty upset folks this fall. That said, I certainly understand the Forest Service’s motive. There should be vegetation all around this lake. I was fortunate to see this area many many years past. In fact, I was living in Grand Jct at the time and was able to get out there right after a nice snow dump. There was stellar color and snow. I was the only photographer and another fellow was just walking around the lake. Ahhh…such days are just now a dream at these iconic spots.

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