Marsh Marigold During High Water

Thanks for taking a look and all comments are appreciated!
105 mm, F/16, ISO 200, 1/5 sec

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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Took me awhile to realize that the flower was surrounded by algae and leaves. Good comp and detail in the flower. Unusual and interesting image.

Gorgeous patterns in this image, Jay, and the Marsh Marigold makes a stunning focal point. Very well seen and executed.

Jay: What a great find and a marvelous image. I love the color contrast especially and the patterns in the ice. Most excellent.>=))> :+1::+1:

Intriguing image. I had to look several times to make sense of it. The disparate BG inclusions (ice, leaves, etc.) and the tension between them and the yellow Marigold are unique and really attracted my interest. Well done!:+1::+1:

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Interesting out of the box image, well deserved.

Striking image also for the contrast of opposite colors. I love the photo.

Very nice. I think this would work even better as a vertical though, flipping it counter clockwise 90 degrees. I would also then crop some off the top, like a 5:4 ratio. Other than that everything looks great!