Marvelous View

A spectacular view from the western side of the South Unit of Badlands National Park is offered at Red Shirt Table Overlook, an unassuming pull-off with one of the most breathtaking views of the Badlands. The geologic section here is near complete, providing one of the most colorful vistas in the park. Light rain persisted throughout the day making the colors of the earth more saturated which was exaggerated by the late afternoon glow of golden light and translated to sensational contrasts in this black and white rendition

Technical Details

iPhone 13 Pro Max, pano mode; 5.7mm lens , F/1.5 @ 1/2300 sec, ISO 50


Nice and with an iPhone too. Very cool.

Thank you, David. The view is so vast, yet filled with details in forms, colors and textures. I wanted to depict that, without the color as I found the colors distracting for such a wide view as the subtle colors began to blend with the depth of field so exaggerated, yet discernible in B&W.

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