Memory loss

I took this image in 2018. I don’t know why, but this photograph has always reminded me, through the shapes of the branches and the colors, of Botticelli’s “Venus”.

Technical Details


Antonio, this image is definitely one of your masterpieces in my opinion. There is an inimitable subtlety to my eye. I appreciate the firm structure given by the trunks and branches, while the color contrast between the foliage and background makes for an appealing tension.

Heartfelt thanks for your beautiful words. It is an image that certainly does not immediately attract attention for its beauty. But if I stop to think about it, my mind navigates.

I can see why you’d think of that painting when you look at this. The branches have the same sort of shape of blowing hair. And the color is similar. The way the branches go from large at the base to small at the tips is also reminiscent of wind and water and how things can diminish, be taken apart and dispersed. Disappeared. Lost to sight.