This is one of the images that makes me think what my photograph is doing in your camera? (I’m quoting Vincent Versace here thinking what is my thought doing in his head?) Anyways, this is awesome and even though I am VERY black and white I have to admit that I am also leaning towards the color version, but it is not that saturated so I can live with it :slight_smile: This is a photograph to feel, not knowing what it actually is, but one doesn’t even have to to enjoy it. Outstanding. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you very much, @holgermischke! Did you see the updated colour version, matched to another photo, already released and printed, in the comments above. It’s quite a bit more saturated so hearing what you, being “a VERY black and white” guy, thinks about it would be great! :slightly_smiling_face:

Seen it now. There’s more brown in it which opens doors to new associations. I’m thinking fur and wood now, less water. That’s not to say that any of these is better than the other. I know that the idea was to match the tones to the other image, but why not keeping those different to allow for these different interpretations and emotional responses?

I’m not sure how that would look as they’re supposed to go together with a few others in a series.