Metallic foil seas



Wavescape taken in the water

Specific Feedback Requested

Grateful for any feedback.

Technical Details

Sony A7R4 wide angle

Main post-processing issues: noise and cleaning up due to water on the dome port

Lightroom, ACR, Photoshop
Double RAW smart objects to treat the sky with Linear Profile whilst keeping the waves in Adobe Color profile
NR in ACR (50) + masking of ACR sharpening in order to keep the image as clean as possible
TK8 Clarity Action
FS clean up of some distracting bubbles in the foreground and some reshaping (to be returned to)


This is super cool - underwater housing?
I love how I feel like I’m almost submerged!
The bright areas at the top are my only concern… maybe burn them a slight bit?

Hi Matt, Many thanks for the feedback. The HL are considerably reduced compared to the RAW file, but it appears that there still is some way to go. Thanks for pointing that out. I have posted a quick fix; it will probably require more complex work for printing. Yes, I am floating in the water and the camera is in a housing with a dome port. @Matt_Payne

Nice one Laura and a perfect name. What housing do you use with your A7R4? I have an Aquatech housing for my A7R2.

Laura, your eye-level-with-the-waves shots are incredible!! And the sky here is a surprising element that makes it feel more like a more distant landscape. The lines of the sky converge so nicely with those of the waves!

Ha the name came really quickly and I had some doubt about it. Glad you like it. Thanks @AndreDonawa ! Aquatech is a very good brand. I use a Salty Surf housing from North Wollongong, Sydney, Australia. I haven’t had the chance to compare them in hand, but I think it’s a bit lighter - which counts when using the 70-200mm lens!

Many thanks for the feedback @Diane_Miller I’m very pleased to know that the wave in the foreground has the feel of a more distant landscape to you, as this is the direction I aim to develop both through shooting and in post - ambiguity between solid rock and water.

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