Midnight Sun

Was hoping for that perfect midnight sun with a silhouette of a puffin - unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and I had to do with this instead

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything to punch this further ?

Technical Details


Wow, this is really intriguing, Karl.I love the portrait of the puffin. The backlight doesn’t seem too blown out (no grays). And the silhouette works perfectly. I can’t think of anything to suggest changing. Well done.

Very cool image Karl! I don’t recall seeing a puffin in silhouette like this before. Nice job handling the light - as David said, it doesn’t look blown out at all. I can’t think of anything to change or to add more punch. Well done!

Hi Karl, Well punched. The puffin is easily recognizable from the silhouette. Great timing. I would crop off a small amount on the right side, just where the rock starts to level out in the middle.


Wonderful moment in nature! I’m not quite sure wha part of the “perfect midnight sun with a sihouette…” didn’t work? were you hoping for a round sun on the horizon? But instead it was obscured by clouds or something? I think from this capture it’s pretty obvious what the source of light is and it’s working beautifully for the silhouette.

No nits or suggestions. I’m guessing you’re pretty happy you have this one!


It looks so regal. I like the light you got. It’s a very intriguing shape and I think it guides you through the photo.