Mobile App?

Mobile App?

Within the last day or two, my NPN app on my phone (Android) is just giving me a web page error and not loading. In attempt to troubleshoot I uninstalled the app and went to reinstall. Only now, I can’t find it in the Google Play Store.

Is there anything going on with the phone App for NPN? Wanted ask here before I do anything else on my phone… No changes on my phone that I’m aware of.

And if anyone is NOT having any issues viewing the site from their phone, that’s good to know too.



Hey Lon, I guess I forgot to update the beta testers on this a long time ago. We decided there was no need for an Android app because the notifications work without an app on Android now. Simply visit the site in your browser, enable notifications, and add the link to your home screen. It should function exactly as the app does.

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Thanks for the response David! Makes sense.