Monster Mash

I know this has flaws. Bear with me. It’s just too cool to not share…well the photo is anyway.

I randomly found this rock in the gravel in my landscaping. A tiny geode about 1 inch across. Looks like a little monster mouth. The crystals are that color - I even gave it a rinse under the tap to remove any grit that I could without actually scrubbing. Alas I can’t shoot it again because my UPS driver moved the rock when she put some boxes down. I had it on the porch to reshoot since I missed some of the closest rock surfaces in this stack of 28. Bah. She even helped me look and felt really bad, but it’s gone unless I want to sift through a metric ton of landscaping gravel.

Anyway…I know I missed some focus areas, but I think the important parts are clear - down into that little crevice where the crystals grow. It’s using natural light which was a little tough to make sure it got all the way down. I’d planned to use some artificial light on the next try, but well…anyone want to come help me look?

Specific Feedback Requested

Well…this isn’t a crop, and I’ve doctored it as much as I can so…what else can I do?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Lumix G9
Leica 45mm f/2.8 lens
f/5.6 | 1/320 sec | ISO 200
28 shot stack out of Zerene - DMap. Re-processed in Lr with a couple of gradient filters to reduce the saturation and exposure on the red rock surface.


Oh darn too bad. Rock was definitely a keeper. You got really good focus and dof on the crystals. Well done.

Wow, Kris, considering the size of this, I think you did a fine job at capturing this. If you hadn’t said that it is about an inch across, one could imagine this to be much larger. Wonderful details in the crystals. Love the colors.

Thanks guys. I’m so bummed it’s gone. I have a little collection of rocks around this size over the sink. I should have put it there, but damn…easy come, easy go.

Amazing photo Kris. It looks much larger than what it was. The sharp focus in the middle really brings the eye to it very well. Great work!!!