Monster of the Sea

Of course, not a monster of the sea, but the way it seems to materialise from the water … :wink: … Well, I was having this encounter just before the sun was creeping over the tree line at Fort Myers beach… Since we don’t have these colourful Spoonbills in Europe, I was very happy with it. There’s more on my blog should you be interested:
Thanks for any feedback & have a wonderful day, Hans

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Nikon D500 with 500mm f4 | 1/500s | f4 | ISO560 | overexposed 2/3EV | from Skimmer Ground pod

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I like the shot. My instinct would be to darken it a bit, and pump up the contrast some.

Thanks for your reaction, Dave ! I see what you mean, but as a matter of fact I did just the contrary to get this smooth and milky feeling, which was what I was after. Maybe I should have mentioned that in the text :wink: … Whether you like it better this way or ‘your way’ is of course a matter of personal preference :slight_smile: … Appreciate your comment in any case ! Cheers, Hans

As usual, a beautiful image. I viewed your other Rosie Revisited images and love them all, although the one in the tree is quite a bit different than the others. RE: Dave’s and your processing ideas: I like your processing but might go even a bit further.

Beautiful! Your slide overexposure makes the colors really glow. As always your depth of field really isolates the subject.

Hans, Congrats on EP. I like your presentation of the Spoonbill. I like the overall softness of the image.

Thanks all for your reactions and nice to be chosen as the EP :slight_smile: !