Monte Cristallo

Monte Cristallo
(Sean Bagshaw) #1

Some of that mythical Dolomite atmosphere and light on Monte Cristallo this past winter. ⁣

Canon 5D Mark IV, 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II, polarizer, 360mm, 1/40 second, F/14, ISO 100, mirror lockup, 2-second timer shutter release.⁣

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(Igor Doncov) #2

Love this image. This would also be a winner in this weeks weekly challenge.

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(Alan Kreyger) #3

Sean, a beautiful scene with quite a spiritual message!

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(Sean Bagshaw) #4

Thanks @Igor_Doncov. I’ll have to look at the weekly challenge. So many options here on the new NPN. David and Jennifer have really outdone themselves.

(Sean Bagshaw) #5

I agree…although not really intended. The Italians put a cross on top of every piece of rock so it’s hard to photograph a mountain in the Dolomites without one. In this case I did like the visual interest it added to the story as well as where it is located in the composition. :slight_smile:

(Ken Henke) #6

Very sweet light, Sean. The cross, for some may be a distraction, but for me really adds a very interesting element. Who knew!

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(Rick Alway) #7

I have to compliment you on another fine example of a “dark” image but with lots of detail in that darkness. A lot of feeling there.

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(Ken Henke) #8

I suppose I could look this up myself, but being lazy, I’ll ask you the history behind the placing those crosses on mountain tops?

(Sean Bagshaw) #9

@Ken_Henke - It’s a thing humans seem to like to do. In other places around the world you see a lot of rock cairns or prayer flags marking summits. In the Alps there are a lot of crosses due to the Catholic Church I’m guessing. Also, in much of the Alps there were battles fought in the high mountains and passes during the World Wars, so some are monuments/memorials.

(Josh Latham ) #10

Holy smokes, Sean… This is amazing!

Love all the little details. Is that a suspension bridge in the far right spanning that saddle?

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(John Williams) #11

Love this Sean; wonderful dance of light.

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(Sean Bagshaw) #12

@Josh_Latham - Yes it is. Part of the Ivano Divona via ferrata route up there. Jump to 2:20 in the video to see the bridge.

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(Josh Latham ) #13

@Sean_Bagshaw… Great video! Another place on this growing list to visit. :joy:

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(John Moses) #14

Sean. Beautiful image. Great light, mood, and atmosphere. I love the way the ridge lines lead you through the image. Very nicely done.

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(John Scane) #15

Beautiful - I’m going there again this summer and can’t wait! I’ve been enjoying seeing your shots of the Dolomites - always inspiring.

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(Sean Bagshaw) #16

Thanks @John_Scane! It is a magical landscape there. I need to go in summer one of these days. I’ll look for images from your trip.

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(John Scane) #17

Thanks @Sean_Bagshaw. I need to go one of these winters :slight_smile:

(Mark Price) #18

Great mood and dramatics Sean, love this one - the side lighting touching the sides of those ridges is really cool !