Moon Dog

After sunset, we moved to a different comp to capture the moon dog that was now visible and the stars.
The foreground naturally lit by the moonlight.

Moon Dog:
A moon dog, moondog, or mock moon,(scientific name paraselene, plural paraselenae, meaning “beside the moon”) is a relatively rare bright circular spot on a lunar halo caused by the refraction of moonlight by hexagonal-plate-shaped ice crystals in cirrus or cirrostratus clouds.

Moon dogs appear as part of the 22° halo, roughly 10 Moon diameters outside the Moon.

They are exactly analogous to sun dogs, but are rarer because the Moon must be bright, about the quarter moon or more, for the moon dogs to be observed. Moon dogs show little color to the unaided human eye because their light is not bright enough to activate the cone cells.

Canon 5DsR, Canon 11-24, Gitzo Tripod, RRS BH-40 ballhead!
IG: @SunnySraPhotography

A larger version available on my website


Gorgeous!!! And thank you for the explanation of “Moon Dog”, never knew!

Thank you for your kind words. I also, didn’t know up until a year ago when i was shooting next to a photographer and he called it "moon dog’ i thought he was talking about beer :grinning:

He would have said Moon Dog Double IPA to get my attention :smile:

Excellent! I love how the clouds seem to originate from the arch.

Thank you, yes i liked that as well…

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Very cool. Love the “moon dog” and clouds here.

Thank you for your kind words.