More fuel efficient vehicles for landscape photographers?

More fuel efficient vehicles for landscape photographers?
(EBernstein) #1

I have been driving a Jeep Wrangler, but I am thinking of trading it in for a hybrid of some sort.

What hybrids might one recommend for landscape photographers?

It would be nice to see landscape photographers guzzling less gas, and perhaps traveling less distance so as to reduce their carbon footprint.

Has anyone else downsized their vehicle or thinking about doing so? Suggestions are welcome.

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Hank Pennington) #2

Might be a little smaller than you’re thinking, but here goes. We still have more to learn about things like ground clearance, but this winter we added a Toyota RAV4 Adventure model to our fleet after long looks at Subaru and comparable. Drove it all winter, then got back into our RAM for some backroad exploring and driving. Holy cow… We missed that RAV4 terribly, and were never in any circumstance where I felt it would have been too low. But for anything short of serious 4WD like you might attempt with your Wrangler, it will certainly work for you.

Here are the specs. Note that the Adventure model is different than all the other RAV4’s with more ground clearance and locking full time 4WD. We were sold by the 3500# towing capacity compared to about 1k less for Subaru. We’re actually getting 31MPG on ECO mode at 70mph, dropping to 29MPG when speeds top 75. Really roomy, to the point that with the front seats tilted forward I can actually lay down in the back. After riding 13 hours one way with a friend in his Subaru, I can tell you that it was a relief to get into our RAV4 for the drive back. Much more comfortable seats and more headroom. Plenty of leg room for my 6’4" frame with 33" inseam, too.

One more point worth adding: In addition to Subaru we took hard looks at small SUV’s from Dodge, Chevy, Ford, Nissan, Lexus and Audi. None could match up for the combo of 4WD, towing capacity, comfort and especially mileage.

(EBernstein) #3

Thank you! I enjoyed this review of the RAV4:

Would need one with offroad tires perhaps, but looks good. :slight_smile:

(Nathan Klein) #4

This isn’t relevant if you’re to purchase a vehicle now. But apparently Land Rover will release a hybrid defender when the new model is released next year.

If it’s true you could have an environmentally friendly machine that’s as off toad capable as your wrangler

(Jack Brauer) #5

If it’s true you could have an environmentally friendly machine that’s as off toad capable as your wrangler

You brought up a great point, Nathan. The number one priority of any environmentally friendly vehicle should be staying off toads. So sad when they’re squished. :joy:

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(Nathan Klein) #6

True Jack! :joy:

Maybe I was subconsciously thinking about the introduced cane toads in Australia which wipe out native species.

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(Hank Pennington) #7

And Florida! Egads. Makes me wish they had a sweet tooth for baby pythons.