Mori Magic

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Mori Point is a great hike 10 minutes from my home in Pacifica. Every spring the point is flush with wildflowers. This is from a few years ago. The challenge is finding a good wide angle composition with appropriate leading lines, for which I think this is one of my better images, with the leading lines of the rocks.

Specific Feedback

Any feedback welcome.

Technical Details

Sony A7ii
Sony FE 16-35mm f/4 lens
Two-exposure manual photoshop blend for dynamic range

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I’m very familiar with this spot. Fishermen used to catch striped bass from the rocks below but that was like 50 years ago. I like the composition and light in this image. I’m not sold on the DOF here because the sharp focus is on the very bottom of the image with everything else blurry.

Hi Igor. It’s at 16mm (I’ll have to check the f stop but probably f/14-16). The blur is actually due to a long exposure, not lack of depth of field. Thanks for the comments though!

I thought I saw a drop in clarity from front to back. There is virtually no texture in the distant rocks.

Wow, that sky is really incredible and I like the range of colours in the image. The flowers in the foreground are also very nice and I like the fact there is some motion blur in them due to the wind. I kind of get what Igor is saying about the shallow DOF because it does look like the distant rocks are soft and I do wish for a bit more detail in them. When you say that the blur is due to the long exposure do you mean that it’s from the wind shaking the camera around a bit?

This is a pretty nice scene! Well done. I just think it looks a little odd how the foreground which isn’t being hit by any light is somehow brighter than the sky (light source). You could definitely darken everything beneath the horizon a bit so it looks more natural according to the lighting you captured. You probably wanted to show off the awesome colors and details, but they would still be visible if you go a bit darker, and it will look more natural and have better flow as you are pulled from the darkness towards the light.

Thanks Eric. I tried lowering the foreground and agree it looks nice. Appreciate the suggestion!

Hi Tom. I meant the water and clouds are blurred due to the 30 second exposure. Shouldn’t have been any meaningful camera shake. Sharing a crop here based on your and Igor’s feedback. I think the rocks could be a little soft, so maybe I should have shot at F/14-16 (was actually F/11). Hoping it works ok here with all the artistic motion blur, but I’ll have to try printing this one to see how it looks. I appreciate the comments!