Morning Paddling

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

  • Single exposure
  • Nikon D610
  • Nikon 16-35mm
  • 16mm, f/11, 1/1000, ISO 400
  • Not sure the technical details of the canoe :slight_smile:

An oldie but a goodie. I went paddling with a very patient friend one misty beautiful morning in southern Wisconsin.

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This “puts you there” and splains the attraction of small boats and small waters. I’ve tried the “same” shot with my chartreuse green kayak in the Florida mangroves. Interesting, but far from classic like yours!

Brent, a truly wonderful POV for this early morning excursion. It had to be a grand time out there taking this all in…:sunglasses:

This is a great lifestyle image. It really puts me in the canoe and on the water.

Really like the perspective in this image. The use of the 16mm really adds a wonderful dimension. Nicely done.

Nicely done, and some great light. Makes me feel like I am on the boat.

Beautiful glow and autumn colours.

Difficult to add something to the remarks already made. I agree with all of them. Most of all, I feel like I am on the boat, with Preston Birdwell.
As I don’t consider myself a photographer, but someone who strolls around and takes pictures, I can strongly identify myself with this kind of images. “Slow photography” in the true sense of the words.

Beautiful image Brent, this one evokes such a strong sense of place and season. The addition of the oar to the shot was a great idea, it helps to tell the story.

Thanks very much, all! Glad you enjoy it. This was the most photogenic scene of the morning but the entire morning was beautiful.

@Ed_McGuirk it’s funny you mention the oar. I thought it was kind of silly while I was positioning it because it’s a weird place to put an oar while you’re canoeing :laughing: I just think it looks nice.

I have done a number of images like this from my canoe, but never gotten dramatic light like this, and I think inclusion of the paddle (Hmm, that’s an oar?) is an integral part of the scene.

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A truly memorable image. Full of hope, beauty and adventure.

Very nicely done Brent.

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Great image, Brent. Love the oar, looks like you wanted to take a break and drink in the scene.

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