Mossbrae Falls - Upper Sacramento River

A stitch of several shots of the Falls. A favorite place.

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any and all

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Any and all

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Nice panorama (and good stitching) - it’s cool to be able to see the entire line of springs. I’m embarrassed to admit that, as a hydrogeologist living in Shasta County, I have never been to Mossbrae Falls. :roll_eyes:

Since the falls are the star of the show, here, I’m thinking that darkening those foreground rocks and lightening the line of springs would make them stand out even more.

I enjoy the panorama tremendously but I am thinking that the rocks in the FG especially the partial one at the bottom of the frame somewhat detracts from the image. Darkening it as Bonnie suggested might do just the trick.

St Germain Society Waterfall 1

Hi Bonnie, I’ve been there 3 times. Once in 1994 with my Pentax Spotmatic, another time in 2011 with my D7000 and this last time with my D810. The second time in 2011 was different. Apparently a mother with a baby in a carriage was walking down the tracks from central Dunsmuir toward the bridge, when a train came. Don’t remember the result - if she and baby were mashed by the train, but subsequently UP put up signs saying stay off the tracks and roadbed. So, the usual way to get to the falls was officially off-limits - if you are one to obey rules. So, I inquired from some town folk if there was any other way to get there. Turns out there was. Through the “I am’ers” property. Won’t explain just what that means if you don’t know, but I walked in the gate - went up to the first person I met and explained my dilemma about how to get to the falls, and he gave me permission to drop through their property to get there. I just happened to use the phrase: “I am a photographer” - not sure how important that was, but who knows . . . oh and by the way, there were some small falls on the trail down. Blew out shot of one - a bit in a hurry to get through their property - there are stories . . . but here’s a shot of another one. Even here the white of the waterfall was blown out in some place. Not a great shot (in 2011 - first DSLR about 3 months into shooting and processing skills rudimentary - may go back to see what I can do with this some day, but blown out is blown out - seems a bit “over-greened” too).

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Adhika I like Bonnie and your suggestions. I will play around with that idea when I have more time - lots of stuff going on this summer. When I originally processed this photo back in 2016, I did debate with myself about a crop which took out the partial rock in the FG, and I removed most of the tree on the left. Tell me what you think of this

Well seen, captured and stitched pano. I only have few suggestions. I would burn the foreground rocks and dodge the falls so as to bring more prominence to the falls. The empty sky on both ends seem distracting to my eyes and I may have cloned in some of the vegetation there. The tree on the left seems to stand out too much and I may have cropped the image on that side or cloned out the tree. These are just some minor suggestion and the image is well done as is.

Thank you Izzy. There seems to be a consensus among my reviewers that the falls need to be emphasized relative to the FG. I have mixed feelings about the tree on the left. As you see in my reply to another reviewer, I had created another crop of the pano, removing most of the tree and the “half rock” in the FG together with about 1/2 the FG. Will try some of the suggestions made. Best always, Greg