Mountain abbey road

Specific Feedback Requested

Any advice would be appreciated

Technical Details

200-500mm, 500mm, 1/125, F/5.6, iso 1000

Ha! Funny. Their progression is nice, but the converged animals in the back just look wonky. They won’t take direction though will they? LOL. A scroll crop eliminating the top of the trees works well to isolate the sheep more and keeps us from looking up that way. Nicely seen and gave me a smile.

Nice one, Kristian. You got some nice movement captured here and it’s always tough to get that animal separation we all strive for. As Kris said, they don’t listen to us. :slightly_smiling_face:

In a given situation, if you have some more canvas around, I would like to see more of trees and less of road.

Really cute capture. I’m glad you had your camera ready. Great focus and depth of field. I might crop a touch off the bottom and I’d like to see more breathing room on the right. But, really a great photo.

Nice capture that tells an interesting story to me. I like seeing the ruffled coats of the animals. Perhaps a crop from the bottom would help the image.

Thanks for the responses,

I appreciate the advice.

To do a self critique based on the animals being bunched up, I had focused on a young ram in the group, and didnt notice the group had broke off until they were in a near perfect “Abbey road” this was me panning as quick as i could. Situational awareness is something I can take away with the advice I’ve recieved on this post.

Thanks again for the advice, I’m super excited about getting into photography and I’m very aware that an experienced set of eyes is a real fortune in any journey.

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