Pertinent technical details or techniques to help others learn: D500 105 mm f2.8 (1/160 sec at f20, Iso 125) Levels, Bump up Midtone Contrast, Brightness & Contrast, Square Crop for comp.

A piece of firewood that contained some active mushroom mycelia. I used several flashes to light up the scene as this was done well after the sun went down. Enjoy…Jim

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Jim: Terrific find and great work with the flash. My only suggestion would be to crop away almost all of the dark BG on the top above the wood. Really nice work. >=))>

Hi Bill,

Thanks for looking. I thought about the edge and may try a tighter crop from the top…Jim

Jim …love mushrooms on anyday …this one is beautiful…with several crops …well done.

Balan Vinod

Jim, that’s an outstanding clump of mushrooms. Your flash work really lets the details shine (pun intended…).