My chaos

It is precisely in the chaos that we often find ourselves. I like tidying up the mess in the landscape, probably because I tidy up the mess inside me.

Technical Details


Another beauty. I’m loving this series.

Wonderful forest scene Antonio!

Thank you Sean, I glad your like!!

Many thanks, I appreciated !

Sensational, Antonio!

These are lovely @Antonio.Aleo I’ve admired images like these from you for a while now! I’m curious how you “see” them in the field. Maybe that’s not anything you can truly articulate but I’d be curious. When I look for images like this, I can’t get past the chaos and the clutter to find something with enough strong elements to hold the frame together.

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Thank you very much David!

Thanks for your interesting comment. Tidying up the chaos of a forest is something I love to do, but it has required a long experience in the field and technical affinities. I imagine the landscape as a combination of geometric elements, or sensations that I must be able to mix and separate.

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Antonio, this image works exceptionally well for me. There are multiple focal points that lead me through the composition. I escpecially appreciate the transition from the darker areas at the bottom to the lighter background at the top. Altough it leads me this way first, I am again drawn to the subtle details of the fallen foliage covering the ground, I think this is the main area of interest for me.

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much Peter for your beautiful reading, always exemplary interpretation.

really beautiful image, Antonio. For me the subtle color and contrast are the strong points. I too have a difficult time getting past the chaos when I approach a forest scene

Thank you very much Richard!!