My Fall color Predictions

My Fall color Predictions

(Kane Engelbert) #1

So heres my thoughts based on what Im seeing…webcams, a few online fall communities and personal experience. Minus wind events, I can only speak to gut feelings concerning areas Im familiar with. Most areas seem on time, but Im gathering the big hitter San Juan areas may have moved up 3-4 days. Also consider what I call PEAK color, you might not…:slight_smile: debate that ha ha…Lastly, I love oranges, deep reds and rust colors so after “Peak” color, I think can be super worthy of fantastic images up to 4 days after words. The thing we all need to pray for…NO WIND

Upper Maroon Valley-20th-24th on time
Capitol Creek-29th-3rd. a little late
Crested Butte- 18th-24th… on time to a day or two early
McClure Pass-28th-4th. On time
Kebler- 29th-6th. a day or two late
Ohio Pass & Valley 24th-29th on time
Owl Creek 24th-1st. a few days early
Dallas Divide 24th-3rd a few days early
Tulluride 28th-4th. a few days late
Ironton/Silverton/Red Mountain Pass 17th-22nd. on time to a day or two erly

(Monte Trumbull) #2

Thanks for the analysis Kane. Hoping for gentle breezes from now until the middle of October!

(Kane Engelbert) #3

Thanks to Stan Showalter at FB I found out you can compare scenes on that awesome Aspen Roundabout cam from one year to the next. Heres this year vs last year at noon on the 15th… Big difference, That area is moving fast this year. It will peak within a week, especially around the Bells.

(Ryan Stikeleather) #4

These field reports are awesome! I wish I could get out there, and provide some updates too. Thanks for all the insight, and best-guesses :+1:

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