My name is Greg Nuspel and it's about time I learn something.

I’m from Vancouver Island in Canada and I’ve played around with photography for many years off and on. I had diverged into videography for a few years but recently came back to shooting stills. I enjoy most aspects of nature. My photography is at an intermediate level and my post processing is very basic. I’m looking for productive criticism of my work and hopefully I can also provide resourceful feedback to others.

Hi and welcome Greg. Oh this photo is just so lovely and well executed - super opening shot and makes me interested in seeing more of your work. Your name is ringing a bell for me somewhere and I wonder if we’ve been on other forum together at some point. Hm… Small world sometimes.

Anyway, I hope you find this a useful and fun community to be your photography home on the net. If you have any questions on site navigation or posting, ping me or any of the other moderators for help (I always volunteer them for this…heh). You can use the PM or the chat functions for this and we also have casual group conversations up there for chit chat or photo share. Kind of fun.

Quick site tip - you can reply to multiple people in one post by highlighting any text in their reply and using the Quote function. Another way is to use the @ symbol and choose the person in the list that comes up. Use the tab key to automatically select and fill the name in your reply. Hope that made sense!

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Hi Greg, and welcome to NPN. You have joined a wonderful community of photographers. What an excellent first image. I love the position of the branch, the one perched, and especially how the one in flight seems to be flying in parallel with the branch. I am looking forward to seeing more of your images as well as your critiques on other’s photos. @_Kris has provided some good info on the and how you can seek help from those of us that may be more familiar with the site.

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Welcome to NPN! A terrfic first nature/avian post. Love this! The colors and the bg, shallow depth of field work beautifully - more importantly, the story you’ve captured here is wonderful. I get the sense of the perched bird not wanting its space to be invaded and watching intently to the incoming. Very cool capture.

We look forward to your participation. And providing feedback to others is welcome too! Everyone needs feedback so they can grow their skills and improve their images. So jump right in!

Welcome aboard!


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Welcome aboard, Greg. I really like this Goldfinch image and your first post in Avian as well. You seem to have a great sense of composition. I’ve found this site a great place to learn and hone my skills over the last 15 years. Probably 95% of what I’ve learned about bird photography came from participation here, particularly thinking about and commenting on other folks images.

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Hi Greg,
Welcome to NPN! You provided a really beautiful first image.

It sounds to me like you have found the perfect place now. I hope you will enjoy this friendly community as much as I do.

Can’t wait to see more of your work!

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Welcome to NPN, Greg. This is a wonderful and supportive community. You will find that everyone here loves to provide feedback and help us all in making our images better.

It is wonderful that you realize that giving back is important, too. The dialog we have here is unparalleled.

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