My other favorite tree + RP

And two more versions:

No fog this morning, but rainy-looking clouds. The sun peeked through a little after sunrise with enough warmth to give some nice light on this old oak – for about a minute. This is the one just barely visible behind and just to the left of the tree I posted 2 days ago: Our version of a white Christmas + RP

It’s another nemesis tree. If I move farther away or get higher to reduce the FG trees, then some BG trees crawl up behind the subject. The best I could do is to put 3 concrete blocks down in this spot so I can get the tripod about 8" higher, and use the articulating back screen. Or try handholding from a ladder, but I’d need to get a taller one than we have so I can put a beanbag on the top.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon R5, 100-500 at 300mm. ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/200 sec. Minor tonal tweaks in LR and a masked area at the bottom to reduce contrast.

Cool tree and a nice look at it. It is a whole different look and feel but I would be inclined to take it B&W. This is a very quick and dirty along the lines I was thinking.

Thanks @Harley_Goldman – that could work with the dramatic shape. I played with it and came up with a slightly lower contrast B/W version, but it did make me realize that I should have gone much further in darkening the sky to bring out the light on the tree, which is what appealed to me. This light happens only a few times a year, when there is a break in early morning winter clouds, and I’m lucky if I catch it. It may last less than a minute.

New versions posted above.

Good job on the repost. The darker sky works much better for me. I still prefer the B&W version, but the color repost looks good. :+1:

I prefer the first and Diane’s B&W. To me you took the sky down a bit too far in the second and Harley’s B&W seems to take on a more sinister cast that I don’t think the other versions have, but it is interesting what processing does to how we perceive the same photo.

Brava for getting higher by any means necessary - just don’t do a header!