NaturallyAware is my 'handle' simply because becoming aware of how nature sustains me changed my life.

Abstract, macro, landscapes are where I gravitate. I’m very keen to explore a lot more night photography, which will get me to use my Pentax Astro feature. Dark Sky sanctuaries are my next adventure after being so overwhelmed by the Aurora.

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Hi and welcome to NPN, Deb. I think that you’ll feel right home in our macro, landscape and astro photography categories. Please do take a glance at the guidelines and FAQ section if anything seems unclear or reach out to any of the moderators for assistance. We are a community that fosters growth, learning and inquiry into technique so feel free to jump in. This is a lovely introductory image and one I’m personally green over (yeah, I went there).

Hi Deb, and welcome to NPN! :wave:

Hi Deb! Welcome to NPN! That’s a beautiful aurora image and a great first post. I’m anxious to see more of your work.

Thank you, Steve! My intention is to be here once a week with images, as well as feedback where I can. I look forward to learning from photographers like you.

Thx so much!

Welcome, Deb!! I’m green, too – the aurora is still on my bucket list. A wonderful intro image – I look forward to seeing what more you will toss out for us!

Welcome Deb. This is a very nice Aurora shot. I’ve yet to see the aurora, and I’ve heard the color processing can be a challenge. Whatever you did here works for me.

Where did you take this? I’m going to the Brooks Range in April with David Shaw. Looking forward to freezing my butox off and learning to a) enjoy and b) shoot the aurora.