Nature First Promotion

Nature First Promotion
(Lon Overacker) #1

Ok, so I finally got around and joined. I pretty much think principles 1-6 are just common sense - and “Leave no trace” has been something many of us have followed for years (although let’s be honest… not always… at least I was known to hop fences in my younger years… I never set fire to any sandstone though…)

But as a small part of promoting these principles I put a small plug for Nature First on my newly revamped website. Right now it’s an unlisted page and I would like to ask any of the Nature First core members to take a quick peek and let me know if you seen any issues before I publish the page.

It’s very short as I mainly wanted to provide the main principles and a link back.

Please let me know if this is ok, or if you have any suggestions. Again, right now only this link will work.


(Matt Payne) #2

Hi Lon,
This is totally “OK” and we really appreciate everything you can do to help promote the movement. Thanks for creating this!

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(David Kingham) #3

Looks great to me as well, thanks Lon!

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