Never stop looking

During my morning walks I am constantly pleased when I get to this overlook. Everyday there is a new view to inspire me.

#1 - taken Jan. 25 at 7:11am. f/5.6, 1/3sec, iso 630, 28-300mm @ 160mm - handheld.

#2 - taken on Jan. 26 at 7:05. f/10, 1/13sec., iso 400, 28-300 @ 100mm - handheld.

I’m interested in how others feel about re-visiting the same place, view and ideas to captured different feels, weather, lighting, etc. Are you intrigued with the variations? Bored photographing the same thing again and again? Are either of these images more appealing to you?

The first image was taken a bit earlier but the biggest challenge for me was the winds, which were gusting up to 25mph. So yes, it is a bit blurry, but I do love the clouds moving in.

Any and all other thoughts, comments and suggestions are welcome.

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Hi Linda! I never get bored going to the same place, when it’s a place that I love. And it’s amazing how you think you know it so well but can always find something different that you never saw before! Or as in your photos, the lighting, the colors, the clouds, everything changes every day! I love how the trees on the ridge are silhouetted by the sky. And the colors are different but beautiful in each image. Nice capture!

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I much prefer the first image over the second. The light is more interesting, with the dark sky above the lighter one. But what I like most about it are those darker clouds dropping down out of the sky like tails. The other image is more common.

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Thank you @Igor_Doncov . It was all I could do to get that photo handheld with the wind such as it was, do wish I could have gotten it a little sharper. I always appreciate your perspective, thanks again.

Yes, a tripod was really needed to get those trees to be crisper. But it’s way better than what I could have done at 1/3 of a second and 160mm. Perhaps use that image stabilizer next time.

These two photos couldn’t be more different in feel, but they’re the same place and I totally understand why you anticipate getting there on your walks. The literal atmosphere in the blue one is mesmerizing. Revisiting is allowed. If it’s a place you love that always does something interesting, why not take every opportunity to show its different aspects.

There’s an aspen grove nearby my house with a trail going through it. I think I’ve shot it 12 times because it’s irresistible in its different looks.

Rock on.

I love revisiting the same places – they are never the same. And I absolutely love the drama of the first one. If it were me, I would go back to the same location and shoot the trees against a clear sky, with the same lens (on a tripod) and put them over the OOF trees with the dramatic sky.

Linda, I prefer the first image for the same reasons as discussed by @Igor_Doncov , those dropping clouds are really neat looking. The light blue sky vs. the dark blue clouds also creates some interesting contrast

I really enjoy re-visiting the same locations looking for changes in light, weather and seasons. Some of my most favorite images in my portfolio were created by doing this. I think visiting the same place repeatedly allows you to gain insights on the nuances of different compositions, and creative possibilities. You just have to consciously vow not to fall into the trap of shooting the same comp over and over. Keep an open mind on seeing familiar places in new ways, and you can be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Thanks @Vanessa_Hill , @Igor_Doncov, @Kris_Smith, @Diane_Miller and @Ed_McGuirk for taking the time to give me such great feedback. And yes, @Igor_Doncov and @Diane_Miller, a tripod would have been a great asset in the first image situation and a good reminder to be more specific about my equipment when going out. Also appreciate your thoughts @Diane_Miller, about going back on a “blue sky” and try a composite. Can’t wait to get that a try. Also will kept in mind, @Ed_McGuirk, about not getting stuck in one position. Thanks again.

I agree that this is the key. I find that I have a comp in mind and will go back again and again to get that comp to look right. After that I like to move on and look for new things. It’s very rare to find the right light with the right comp because nothing’s perfect. It’s usually the sign of a beginner who expects that and never goes back to get the optimal image. But as you know, fogs lift and clouds move so you have to be opportunistic as well,


Linda, I thoroughly enjoy visiting and revisiting the same places, especially when they’re easy to access. That sets you up to know the details of the place and, provided you keep an open mind, lets the place and time help you decide what to photograph. The changes in the sky in these two shots are interesting, I especially like the tendrils of storm in the first post.

Thank you @Igor_Doncov and @Mark_Seaver. I agree with both of you about looking for new opportunities in the same location; lighting, atmosphere, perspective and weather can totally change the feel of the photo. That is part of the excitement about going back, I never know what Mother Nature is going to show me. Always a fun adventure. Thanks again for your input.