New Computer Build

My 12 year old ASUS build is starting to show its age and with fried memory banks, Photoshop only produces the Blue Screen of Death. Lightroom functioins normally. So it is time for me to get geeked up about building a new photo-editing computer. I decided on using an Asus Pro ws-x570-Ace motherboard with a Ryzen 7 3700x CPU. 32 or 64 gb of ram and M.2 nvme drives for the operating system will provide ample processing speed for large photos. Intel CPUs are slightly faster, but more expensive.

So until I get this built, I won’t be able to post images for a short while. …Jim

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Is the build done? I have loved having 64G RAM and M.2 main drive with an SSD secondary drive for my image files, plus a fast internal spinning drive for frequent backups (with external drive for offsite-stored backups). I built this out earlier this year and it’s a big step up from my old computer (even though I’d upgraded that with an SSD main drive).

I’m headed to the Tetons and Yellowstone tomorrow, so the build is on hold till after I return. It is amazing on how fast those M.2 drives are when compared to a standard SATA drive…Jim