New iPad - images give ERROR message. And captcha errors


ON my brand new iPad images will not load. I get an error message. Also, when trying to send you a message on the CONTACT page the captcha does not work, on Ipad, iPhone or MacBook. I let my subscription lapse due to the iPad issues. Would love to get this fixed.

Hi Brian, sorry you’re having problems I know that’s frustrating! Can you tell me what the error message is? You can still visit the image showcase section to see images.

As for the captcha, I’m not seeing issues with that on my end. You might try clearing the cache in safari to see if this helps with both of these problems.

Hey David,

I get the error on ALL the images on the site. I get the error only with the APP, not with CHROME. The error says “Error” with a frown face. “Something went wrong” with two yellow buttons, “GO BACK” and “Try Again”. Also, when I click HOME I get " SORRY, because of privacy settings, this video cannot be played here." The CAPTCHA problem is occurring on all three devices, in the APP.

AHA ! On the iPad , in the NPN app, I clicked on the 3 bars menu…at the very bottom I switched to MOBILE VIEW. All fixed. Would seem that would have been the default for the iPad but all is well. I re-subscribed with a new card. Still get a video error when I click to go back HOME.


That explains it, the app has not worked properly for many years and was supposed to be removed from the app store but apple never did that. Rather than using the app you can install NPN as an app from Safari by adding it to your home screen. Apple will be adding push notifications in the next version of ios, finally!

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