New Member from Auckland, New Zealand

A bit of an introduction

Im Tony from Auckland New Zealand, currently a very uninspired and lacking motivation landscape photographer. Ive been doing landscapes for about 15yrs and have got to the point of been dead flat in my photography.

The point of joining this forum is to find other photographers in my area so I can get inspired again and meet like minded people, so to all the kiwis out there say hi :slight_smile:

My tools of choice Canon 1Dsmk3 and 5Ds

I would also like to thank Alister Benn who without knowing it pointed me here.

Tony, good afternoon and glad you’ve found the NPN site and forums. Not sure who all might be on line here from your territory, but I’m sure there are a few. I do interface off and on with Sean the manager of the Photrio site out of your NZ location.

I joined the New Zealand Group so at least there are a couple there.

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Welcome, Tony. You live in a beautiful country with very friendly people! Folks around here are pretty dang friendly and helpful, too. Hopefully hanging out here will jump start your inspiration for photography and will get you out of your slump. I am looking forward to seeing some of your work and reading your insight for others.

Welcome Tony. I’m sure there are a few kiwis kicking around on here. Definitely a few from Australia I’ve seen.

There are a lot of great photographers on here so hopefully they’ll help you refind your motivation or inspiration at least.


Yes after 15yrs need new inspiration. Alister Benns youtube channel has already made a start.

Also at that age where life is changing (53) and so is my world view

Thank you. Funny enough I haven’t seen much of my own country, its on my bucket list but covid19 put a hold on a south island trip that we had been planning for 15yrs.

Welcome Tony! We certainly have a few members from the area, you might consider looking at the user map and reaching out to them directly.

cheers I will try to get on the map